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About Our Company
About Our Company

Diamond Star is the premier importer of quality glassware products. Our headquarters, showroom
and warehouse are located in Ontario, California. We have a vast amount of inventory to supply
our customers' needs for quality glassware products, at affordable prices. Our categories range
from Art Glass, Mercury, Wall Décor ,Plates, Floral Basics, Garden & Specialty and Seasonal &
Holiday. We have showrooms in Ontario CA, Atlanta, Dallas, High Point and Las Vegas to
accommodate customers throughout the country. Please see our trade show calendar for an event
closest to you. We have over 19 years of experience in the in the industry, using both traditional
and an advanced technology to produce quality glassware. As the importer and design house, we
have the capability to customize both in design and color. We acknowledge that only high quality
products can bring added value for our customers. With the support of our in house design and
R&D team, we look to set the trend and offer new products every year. Diamond Star carries the
finest in both hand blown and machine made glass.

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